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Landlord Furniture Packs for Lancaster, Lancashire


Having our showroom in Lancaster, we are ideally located to be able to offer a convenient solution for Landlords to come and see the furniture first hand. It makes choosing the right furniture package for your student house so much easier. It allows you the assurance that what you choose is what you will receive. Our staff are there to help and advise during your purchase, and more importantly after too, leaving you to relax knowing we are always on hand to help. Take a look at the great range of Landlord Furniture Packs for Lancaster we have to offer.

Landlord Furniture Packages for Manchester, Greater Manchester

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Manchester has over 80,000 students, undergraduates and university staff working and studying in the city. All of whom need to search for student accommodation each year. The demand for this is extremely high, but so are the standards and expectations for their accommodation. This is why choosing the right furniture for you student rental property is essential. Our landlord furniture pack showroom is only 1 hour away from this hugely popular University, well worth the drive to come and choose for yourself the furniture you require for the property. If you are unable to make the journey, you can still view our vast range of furniture for student accommodation here on our website.

Furniture Packs for Rental Properties in Liverpool


The city of Liverpool has a thriving university with an ever incresing influx of students wishing to study there. Landlords are under constant pressure to ensure their student house stands out from the rest. The best way to achieve this is with good quality student house furniture packages tailored to the needs of students.

Liverpool also has a large volume of private tenants wishing to rent furnished properties whilst they work in the city. The professionals demand stylish furniture packs for their apartments and our landlord furniture packages for rental properties are exactly whats called for.

Furniture Packages for Landlord Rental Properties in Leeds


Leeds is at the top of the list for many students going to university, Leeds has a great atmosphere which seems to be the main attraction. However if the students cannot find a good quality student house to live in, the bubble can burst. For this reason it is crucial to ensure that your rental property gives the right first impression. Our range of furniture packages for student houses should offer what your tenants desire.


If the city your student house, rental property or halls of residence which requires landlord furniture is not in the cities detailed above please contact us. The majority of cities in the North West and Midlands will still qualify for our free delivery service.

If you are outside of these areas please get in touch, as the delivery charge, if any will depend on the location for delivery and size of your order.